Mountain Radio - Trinity County California

Started by radiofreesanjose, December 10, 2016, 10:51:34 AM

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Been using OTS since it's very early days, and haven't been here in ages.

Classic alternative/rock @ (USA) (Northern California)

Nice to be back..
There's nothing more soothing than commercial free radio.


Stream isn't working for me, not sure why.

BTW the teal and red Classic Hits logo is from a family of radio stations that used to operate here in New Zealand!  They've rebranded twice since, but that was their logo!

Tim Gainer

Listening now..lovin' it!!  :thumbsup:

It's nice to see OTS' doing its part for the radio community is on the rise these days.
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If music is the food of the soul, then play on...



Yeah, for the person asking about the Logo, that was just temporary.

I moved to Northern California, and did a complete re-do of my station from the old Radio Free San Jose dayz.

Now it's alternative/classic rock format, commercial free.

Amazes me how many people listen from foreign countries (Germany, Australia, England, Slovania, etc.)

I use for my streaming service, since where I live the bandwidth isn't up to the standards of most places.  We're either on satellite. or 4G (mini-dish) off the mountain.

There's nothing more soothing than commercial free radio.

Jammin' Adam

Been listening for a little over an hour, sounds good, nice mix of tunes.
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