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Author Topic: Posting Policies...  (Read 63937 times)
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« on: September 28, 2007, 07:16:32 pm »

Welcome to the Ots Users Peer Support forums!
Please read and acknowledge the following policies before registering and posting!

1. No profanity is allowed in posts on this site.

2. No posts of a slanderous or libelous nature are allowed.

3. No inappropriate material. This includes lewd images, discrimination against someone, lewd text, links, etc. I wish this to be considered a family site, and all postings should reflect this.

4. No derogatory comments (AKA bashing) of any kind are allowed, personal or otherwise. Respect each other in the use of this board and in your comments to each other.

5. Posts should be of a positive nature. Attitudes are welcome as long as they are shown in a positive light. Check all negative attitudes at the door.

6. The decision(s) of administrators of this site is final. Anyone with a question about a decision of a host in regards to a post closure/deletion can appeal that decision to the site administrators.

7. No commercial or personal advertising is permitted in posts or signatures on this site unless previously approved by site administration. All such posts will be deleted immediately!

8. Please post to the appropriate forum. If your post is located in the wrong forum, hosts or administrators will relocate it to the correct forum.

9. Personal problems between members should be solved via PM's, ICQ, e-mail, etc. NOT THE FORUMS.

10. If you create a new profile, and you create a username with additional letters on each end of a name, aka aJeffMainz, you will automatically be considered a spammer, and banned immediately. This is a common spammer practice, and it will be assumed that if you do this, you haven't read these policies, and are only here to post rubbish. all spammers, when banned, are placed in a special spammers group for everyone to see and access.

Image Posting Policies

1. No Nudity allowed in images! This includes lewd images, erotica, lewd text, links, etc.

2. Please try to keep your image No Larger than 600 px wide by 600px high @72 dpi to display properly.
Images that exceed these limits are subject to deletion!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you for your cooperation.

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