End-user to End-user license selling/buying?

Started by Ots_Steve, July 24, 2005, 11:41:20 PM

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Due to increased activity of end-users buying/selling licenses we are making this post to clarify some important conditions and points.

Anyone contemplating buying or selling a license should be aware of a few things:

- Firstly, a license can only be transferred with the authorization and cooperation of Ots Labs and a transfer admin fee will be involved. (Our involvement is purely administrative and in no way protects or guarantees the buyer (or seller) with success of the whole transaction - see point below).

- A seller should always seek and receive authorisation FIRST before they offer a license for sale by emailing Ots Labs.

- Particularly, licenses which will NOT be authorized for transfer are:

* Fully or partly 'complimentary licenses' (i.e. not paid for in full)
* Trying to separate a license which is actually part of a larger multiple-station-license
* Other general situations, so always check first

- Buyers who buy with this method purchase at their own risk and Ots Labs will not get involved with any disputes between buyer and seller. If the buyer doesn't know the seller they may prefer using an escrow-type payment method as offered by ebay-style sites, before parting with their cash.

If a buyer is not comfortable with these conditions and risks, we recommend not going ahead with the transaction and instead purchasing directly off Ots Labs at the official website here for complete peace of mind and support: http://otsdj.com/order/

If you have any license transfer questions, please email licenses@OtsZone.com

All the best,

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