Does OTSAV/DJ have a 'visual' downbeat detector?

Started by mikehende, April 27, 2024, 12:16:20 PM

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Hey guys, how you all doing, been a long time, hoping everyone is well?

I came across this video just now:

and at the 6.52 mark when the guy moves the right marker it automatically shows the downbeats in pinkish color. I have always been looking for an option to see the downbeats of a track 'on the fly' when loaded in the decks and just wondering is OTSAV/DJ might have this feature please?


I don't usually mix at all so I can't help much but I did play with Ots beat match demo file from

While auto-mixing, this adds a beat count display to the deck info area, but I don't know what triggers it, sorry.


Thanks. I got this response from OTS:

You'll notice in OtsAV that when you drag a song with a beat track into a deck (or you use the manual "T" tap button to tap one out) that OtsAV will try to determine the beat using its on-the-fly algorithm which is used for looping. If the algorithm is confident it will show the beat with white lines. The first beat will be marked with a white line with closer vertical dots than the other three vertical lines.