NZ Retro Weekly Top 40 Countdown

Started by mixfm, August 02, 2022, 09:01:38 AM

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My station carries the NZ Retro Weekly Top 40 Countdown show.  It's a weekly show which takes a year from the late 70s, 80s, or early 90s, and plays the top 40 hits from this week in that year.

I have nothing to do with the show - I just air it on my station.  It's hosted by Rob Walker and produced by Aaron Anderson.  They have been making it available free of charge to non-commercial radio stations.  If you operate a non-profit radio station and you're interested in carrying that show, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

You can listen to past episodes here, to give you an idea:

I'm also happy to share how I schedule it in Ots.  The only thing I have to do manually each week is:

  • Open OTS file
  • Remove the 16 tracks (the show is in 16 parts)
  • Import the new tracks and save
  • Do an Easy Scan

That's it!


Quote from: MixfmOpen OTS file
Remove the 16 tracks (the show is in 16 parts)
Import the new tracks and save
Do an Easy Scan

hello Mixfm buddy; I hope you're doing well and are healthy, safe and happy.

this reminds me of when I tried to acquire "the Dr. Demento show" for WARP many years back.. although, it was offered to many stations for free, they wanted to charge me $100.00 per show AND I have to include/air all their ads/commercials!

it may have been a good show- but it wasn't that good!

oh, what did you mean to "remove" tracks? (did you mean to "combine" tracks?) I have a similar situation where I'm sent program material in chunks and I have to convert FLAC to WAV and then import said chunks into Studio to fix tag info and then export as album files.  Although I have the conversion process fully-automated, Studio can still be a bear sometimes as its interface and procedures can be rather clunky.



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Hi @DJ_Zath,

Yes, I'm doing well thanks.  Hoping you are well and healthy too, especially in these Covid times.

Well I've carried the show for several years now, and there's been no mention of money.  I think (I'm not 100% sure) that Rob - the host - is offering the show to commercial stations for money, but no charge for non-commercial stations.  There are also no sponsors or ads.

What I meant was that I open Ots Studio, open the Ots album file that contains the top 40 countdown, remove each track in the album file, then do a Ctrl-W (import new media) and import the new MP3s into the Ots album file.  Save, rescan, done.