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Started by renovicini, February 22, 2018, 01:57:01 PM

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I'm lost and looking for guidance.
I'm really considering BreakawayOne. I'm doing the trial thing.
I installed Breakaway
I installed the pipeline (I need this for ots, right?)
Common monitor output set to KS sound blaster speaker.
I see a ASIO (would I benefit from that)
I set up 1 HD Audio Core
Core feature is set to streaming
Llivewire and separate low latency are unchecked (don't know if I need to use thse or not)
I think I set up the input / output and speaker output ok. Input is KS pipeline 1 and the other two are KS sound blaster speaker.
I believe I got it working for the most part. The stream is up and running. The issue I'm having is getting the metadata to work. I'm not getting anything.
What am I doing wrong?
Reno Vicini
                      OtsDJ - PDI PAAA-BHE8
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OtsDJ           PDI = PAAA-BHVP,  PBQN-3658
S & L               PDI = PAAA-BK27 x 2
Studio             PDI = PAAA-BL38


Not realizing the full potential that the Now Playing Tool for OtsAV has (which I was already using for the TuneIn api), I was able to use the save to text feature to send to breakaway. So, it's all good.

We're now using breakaway one in trial mode

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Reno Vicini
                      OtsDJ - PDI PAAA-BHE8
Scheduling & Logging - PDI PB1L-F4NW