Denon mc6000 mk2 midi code?

Started by Pasco, April 28, 2017, 06:22:08 AM

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Hi I'm looking to see if someone can help me with the midi code for the denon mc6000mk2 I want to switch on the led light on the filter/music buttons as I have assigned them to the air button on the program mixer also is the any way that I can use the faders on channel 1 and 2 as the volume of the mixer and not to effect the gain on that channel?
Thanks in advance


I am sorry I can not help you but I do know that if you search the forum I am pretty sure you will find a lot of posts on the controllers
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Ok thanks im really now just looking for how to switch on the faders for volume if I can't get it to do this then I think I will be leaving its for a programme that will do what I need it to do!


Same issue, how do you get to use faders for volume on denon mc6000mk2??????????

someone out there please help before i become another to leave ots!!!!!!!!!

Mike Sinclair

What are you guys saying... the faders don't control the volumes of the decks? I was just about to buy an MC6000mk2 but if it doesn't work well with OTS, maybe I shouldn't?

Mike Sinclair

... my comments no longer valid... move along, nothing to see here  :p