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Started by DJ Nikki, September 30, 2017, 01:30:17 AM

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DJ Nikki

Ive been getting a notification on my Facebook,  that the Ots group is no longer available to be seen by anyone and it's asking me (?) to publish it to go live again? I didn't start the group.  I thought Glen did.  I'm not sure why it's asking me to republish the group.  Any ideas?
Dee Sallee-formerly known as DJ Nikki


Always good to see our Nikki Dee!

As for that face place, as and IT Director I have no good reason to open myself to the many vulnerabilities that are associated with going there.  So you do not need to open it on my account, because I would never use it.

Perhaps the system singled you out since his lease on the site expired, and you might have been the last to post there, or the person who had the most posts.
Dayton, Ohio, USA


DJ Nikki

Hi clover... It's good to see you too! 
I don't know why it singled me out.  I was a member,  but nothing more.  I actually didn't post on anything either to be honest.  I guess I'll just let it go.  There was constant posts and join requests,  but I wasn't active in the group. 
Dee Sallee-formerly known as DJ Nikki

Jumpin' Jeff

I've been to the page a few times today. I haven't received any notification from it...
Jeff Main

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