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Started by RadioScooby, November 07, 2017, 05:46:57 PM

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I have a mini PC running Ots for my online radio station. However typically during a week's holiday the stream went down - I think the cause was due to a forced Windows 10 update which rebooted the PC. As I was away I was unable to do anything about it until I returned home. The question I have is it possible to configure OTs to start automatically on power up / reboot and resume a playlist please?

I know how to launch programs on power up so the first bit is covered - so is it possible for a playlist to play on program launch please?


You can't make it resume a playlist from the point it was before the power failure, but you can certainly have it start a new template. The trick is to create a command line which includes the name of the template you want to start, and execute that in a scheduled task that fires when the laptop starts up.

it would look like this:
C:\OtsLabs\OtsAV??.exe "C:\OtsLabs\Templates\YourTemplateName.otm"/Schedule="C:OtsLabs\Templates\YourEventTable.osh" /Play=1

Substitute the "??" with your particular version of Ots, and your template name and event table name.
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Have you got windows configured to auto login? if so, then do as Milky states.
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