New stream: Mix FM (Wellington, New Zealand)

Started by mixfm, September 09, 2016, 09:19:22 AM

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Hi all,

As of 1 September 2016 I've commenced live streaming my LPFM station, Mix FM.  The TuneIn page is:

This is the first time I've set up a live stream.  It's powered by OtsAV, but streaming via BUTT.

The station plays a mix of pop/rock from 80s to today, with a touch of 70s. Specialist shows on weekday evenings include the 60s at 6, the 70s at 7, the 80s at 8 and the 90s at 9.  Also a live breakfast show 7-9 weekday mornings.  Note: All times are NZST!



I've had to modify the stream URL.  So now I've set up a shortcut:


Tim Gainer

Listening to the stream..NICE!! Well done, Edwin... :thumbsup:
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