KZNQ-LP "Q Country 101.5 FM" Streaming Live on Live365

Started by kj6eo, November 07, 2014, 11:34:52 PM

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Hello Fellow OtsAv Broadcasters -

While I'm in quest of finding a reasonably priced transmitter site for KZNQ-LP, I decided to stream live on
Live365.  Our format is Classic Country.  With 2600 Classic Country songs to choose from, there is very little repetition.  We play the hits, but we play everything else too!  So there is a good chance you'll hear some good songs that never made it on the air.  Our stream is 128/44 for good audio quality.  Any comments you might have would be appreciated.  Finding a reasonably priced transmitter site has become a major headache.  So, I don't think we're gonna be on the air this year.  There probably are allot of you streaming through Live365.  I had to make some significant modifications to my Playlists to survive being delisted by the Live365 playlist analyzer.  Should anyone have any questions about OtsAv, SAM Plugin, and Live265, I'd be glad to answer them.