TTM Radio - Dutch hard dance

Started by thirdmovement, May 28, 2011, 02:53:44 PM

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Hi there,

Since a few weeks online, using OTSAV Radio webcaster:

I probably will need many hours of reading this forum and still have plenty of questions about the software... so please be lenient with me if I do not always follow what you mean  :blusha:


Welcome... Hey we all started fresh no one with a sound mind will take offense...just shoot these Guys answer  :thumbsup:
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Jumpin' Jeff

Welcome Thirdmovement!

These forums were created to share your positive experiences.

By all means ask!
Jeff Main

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Tim Gainer

Welcome Third!

That's what the forum is for - many of us are more than willing to help you out any way we can...

P.S.: Got the station on now as I type...NICE! :thumbsup:
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