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Dear Clovie,

It's great to see you and I'm glad you emerged to say hello. You are loved and appreciated, greatly.

Greetings Zath & Friends!

Some things are important enough to require that one pokes their head out from under their rock of silence.  Reading belated news of friend Zath's continued health ordeal is a worthy reason to say hello to the world.

Zath, buddy you have just had one challenge after another since your loss of the Apron Man, but the thing that is most impressive about you is that you are a fighter; and no matter what life throws at you, you claw your way back to the top of the hill one more time.  It is an amazing personality trait, and I admire you for possessing it.  I know with good hard work on the part of you, and your doctors you will beat this latest challenge too.

If Doctor Milky can be the Cancer Teflon man, then so can you!!!  Be well my friend.

To all of my friends here I miss you greatly, and wish you all the best.

Until the next dimension

The "Coluch."
Milky:  I haven't gone in yet... in a couple more weeks- then I can tell you the numbers.
Hi Zath. What are your PSA numbers now? Care to divulge?

awwww I feel loved from the Nikki! :)  awww, Sweety, I hope the best and wellness to YOU, too.  I guess we BOTH are now members of the Cancer survival club (alongside with Milky and a few others, from here...).

so, that makes the second (or third) organ that they removed from me.. (my appendix being the first) and, oh, part of my colon and hip sockets / femurs as well, heh

I guess I'm a CYBERMAN now! (or, is that more like Marvin... the paranoid android...  I'm falling apart!) hehe oh well ;)

but, really, I hope the best for you, Nikki sweety, as well as Milky and all my friends (and even enemies) here, on the Ots forums and that you are all in good health and spirits as we live through these trying times.. and all we can do is grow OLDER! heheh

my stitches have finally fallen out and the incisions have all but totally closed-up at this point and the periods of incontinence are getting shorter (they still last through the evenings, though)

but, I'm tough and I'll live a bit, bit longer! I am tenacious that way ;)
Hi there Zach,
Please don't feel self-conscious about me popping in and seeing this. I'm not a guy but have gone through having all my reproductive organs removed from uterine cancer back in 2005 and had breast cancer in 2016. The cancers and the surgeries and treatments have definitely changed my life, so I understand that part of what you are going through.
I'm sending all my love, your way, dear friend. 
Milky: yes- that is exactly what it is: Tadalafil 5mg and yep, it is to promote blood flow in and around the area...  even the doctor, himself, told me "they overcharged for the medication" and it was only 30 pills (with 3 more refills to go).

Jigger: thanks for the kind words. may you and your family also be in good health and spirits!

Hope everything goes well for you Zath, as we know Milky is well qualified to give advice,and worth following.
The pelvic floor exercises train/strengthen the muscles around the spincter so that you can clamp down on it to stop the leakage. That's why you were instructed to "interrupt the urine stream over and over". That seems to have worked, because you can hold your water when you are conscious. However, when you are not consciously thinking about it (as in when asleep or relaxed), the spincter opens slightly and "drip, drip, drip". When the catheter is inserted, it passes through the spincter, so, obviously the muscle exercises will not work because the valve is held open by the tube. There is a nerve attached to the spincter which detects any unwanted relaxation and refreshes the clamping response subconsciously. This is the one which is damaged or stunned by the operation. It may recover in time as nerves can grow an alternate path if it was severed by the surgery.

Did you have radiation treatment after the op? If so, sadly, it may have been irretrievably "killed" by the radiation but only time will tell.

The wait for the PSA test is normal, because any residue prostate tissue (they NEVER get it all) will go crazy after surgery, so PSA results will be meaningless until the kidneys have had time to filter out the surgery-caused peak in PSA release.

Not sure about the bits "shifting about". Once the prostate (and reproductive "man bits") were removed, everything should have been sutured to the point there would be nothing moving around. You should bring this to your follow-up consultant.

Oh, the Cialis script. This is because, by it's very nature, cialis (or via-gra - edit necessary to overcome forum rules) directs blood flow to the area, usually to improve erectile function, but, in this case to help with the recovery process - including incontinence control. Cialis is considered a "luxury" drug, so there's not usually any government assistance program in place - hence the cost. It sounds like you were prescribed a full-dose medication. I usually prescribe "Tadalafil 5mg", which is a tiny dose - not anywhere near as strong as anyone needs for erectile disfunction, but sufficient to improve the blood flow to the area and much cheaper (in Australia at least). Ask you physician for that, next time.
"do the pelvic floor muscles as you were shown".. nope no one showed me ANYthing! I was simply told, a few months before the surgery, "just interrupt the urine stream flow over and over" (I only found some slightly-better explanations online, however, some articles said "2 seconds for 10 times a day" while others said "5 seconds for 30 times an hour"! so I just interrupted the urine streams continuously until it was mostly-done, from early January through April 1st (after that, I tried some exercises with the catheter installed, but that was simply NO use whatsoever).  and now, Its kinda weird- but as you explained, the nerves must be severely-damaged as I CAN hold it fine- even for long periods of time, yet (especially at night) I have these "episodes" where I just DRIP DRIP DRIP all night long and at that point all the squeezing of those Pelvic floor muscles do NOTHING- it just drip-drip-drips out all in my shorts! (and don't get me started about sitting in a chair or lying in bed!)


as for something about reattaching the Bladder neck.... yeah  I think all of that seems to be healing, just all feels weird, especially when I sit down/stand up, I can feel things "shift about".

PSA tests.. yeah  they want to wait till July!

(I don't call them MEDICAL MONKEYS for nothing!)

...and don't get me STARTED on the pharmacy- charging my credit card $337.00 for 30 pills of Cialis!!!