SO! How the heck has everyone been?!

Started by DJ_Zath, June 16, 2021, 08:31:14 AM

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Its good to hear from you Brian, as you can see a few of us still visit the site.
Keep well.
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Hey, CLP. It is great to hear from you. I'd love to hear about these "career opportunities". I assume they are for the better, and, as a professional myself, I understand why you need to have no, or limited social media exposure.

I recall that you are vision impaired, so I hope that that has either improved or at least, not regressed.

I have just received my third PSA result since having my prostate removed, and they are all exactly the same - 0.04 - way better than 10+ before the operation.

Because of covid and other things, we didn't do my live-in bootcamp this January. However, I have done a lot of work via Zoom, and several of my proteges have posted their efforts online, resulting in many "likes".

How is Anthony doing? I Think of his question about Australia from time to time, and would love to know how he has blossomed into an adult. Please PM me if it is too personal.
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Greetings Dear Friends!

Please know I care about you all, and think of you often, hoping you stay well.  I understand from some back-reading that Jeff stepped away from the forum, because it could create conflicts for his political aspirations.  Now I am no politician, but I have similar constraints that control my electronic contacts, or friendships.  I may not be able to write to you individually, but I can perhaps spread some news.

Little Anthony grew up into a fine adult, and graduated high school this past Spring.  I do not believe he has any fascination in cherished tribal items from Oz any longer.

The eyes are just part of many old age health issues.  Each one provides me a new adventure every day.

My friend refuses to let me out of the DJ business; not that we have had many gigs over the last two years.  I keep telling him I can no longer do it, and he keeps dragging me along if we do have a gig;  only now he does 90% of the setup, and tear down.  I still dial in the EQ for the room, and set up the Yamaha board that he swears at, even though he knows it is the best board we have ever used.  :)  Other than that I sit there behind my screen magg'ed Ots monitor, spinning those hits.  My buddy is learning to run the mic, but he still sits back in awe when I get on mic, come alive, by nature, and suddenly inject the party crowd with that boost of fun they need to get their feet moving.  I guess it is why he still drags me along.  :)

SO much I would enjoy sharing, but such constrictions I live under.  I can say this, it is getting harder to run Ots on Windows XP.  The big play-out server is showing its age, and if I try to get new software for it, most things require at least Windows 7.  It will be a sad day to have to part with the sweet internal M Audio expansion sound card.
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ooOOhh CLP buddy!

I hope you are doing, at least, well for what the best we all can do... :)

it was sure nice to read your text again and see that you are still going strong :)

I, myself, has also had a life change- which has deflated me and probably slowly killing me nonetheless... but for NOW, I'm still breathing... and that is a START!

(I'm not sure this forum is the place to explain it all in detail...)

but, at least you, Doctor Oz ( :) ), Nikki, Mr. Gainer and all the old gang are still around and alive and kicking...

(even though we never DID get our EDARGPU! ;) )



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