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Started by DJ_Zath, November 04, 2021, 06:22:32 AM

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I'm not mentioning this to stir up the pot, but rather because I'm CONCERNED

its been well over 6 months since I have heard from MainesMixx...

I have a gut feeling that MainesMixx has passed away :(

You see? he was quite ill at the last time I have spoken with him, quite some time ago...  and I have tried to send correspondence towards him and was an admin on his Dlive channel and all...  but since, he simply "dropped off the face of the Earth" and I have been unable to reach him ever since...

if anyone has talked to him... or seen him online recently, I'd like to know! because I am concerned of his well-being, but now feel that he has passed away from his illness.

I hope I am WRONG in this case and that he is alive and well.


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Tim Gainer

I just ried to get ahold of him as well over the last week or the same return error on the emial.

Also traced his seems he hasn;t done anything since last year or longer.

If ANYONE has heard from Mainesmixx, please let us know and let HIM know people are very concerned about him!
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