Started by Mike Sinclair, June 16, 2019, 09:56:29 AM

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Mike Sinclair

I'm thinking about buying a Windows machine with the intent of using OTS as a backup and also to use for running music for Ceremonies (due to the excellent fade feature). I use a bluetooth speaker and I'm wondering if anyone has used OTS via bluetooth and if it's pretty straight-forward... or are there issues with this concept?


I use it every day I'm in the car and it works perfectly. Simply pair the laptop with the speaker/tuner and it appears as an output device in Ots. Select that and it all works without a hitch.
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The only reservation I would have would be the potential code/decode delay involved in BT.
Not a problem while playing music but could make it difficult to use a live mike.

When I looked at BT a few years ago there was a significant delay between the words leaving my mouth and reaching the speakers and back to my ears.  It played tricks with my mind making me slur my speech.   :wacko:

Technology must have improved since then and I have not tried it recently but it may be something to think about.


If there was / is a delay with a mic input with the bluetooth plan, you would not have to worry about feedback.
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Mike Sinclair

Thanks for the replies! I would only be using bluetooth for music for Ceremonies. I'd also have the laptop as a backup for Receptions, but I'd plug it in to a mixer for that. I've had good luck with bluetooth for music in general, but I'd been using a smart phone and it's kind of cumbersome to try to fade out a song on the little screen. A laptop with OTS will allow me to fade out much better. :)

Jammin' Adam

They make USB Bluetooth Transmitters, I have one on my PC and Laptop, works pretty good. If the Bluetooth speaker(s)
are powered on and have been previously paired to the transmitter the transmitter software will auto connect to the speaker upon bootup. My Klipsch KMC1 Bluetooth Speaker is playing OtsAV DJ tunes as I type this post, not skipping a beat.
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