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Started by socialdancer, May 04, 2019, 03:10:51 PM

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Several times recently people have been on the forum to seek help with problems but don't report back.

Sometimes the cry is for urgent help because they are desparate but a check of the questioner's profile show they have not returned to the forum since asking for help.

I'm not looking for expressions of heartfelt thanks but it would be nice to know that we have helped fix their problem.

I just wonder if those people are relying on the forum to email them when a reply to their question is posted.  Maybe that feature is broken, or of course they may not have kept their contact details updated.

As a check, I have asked the forum to email me when a reply is posted to this thread.  I promise to report what happens.  :)


Yes, it is a good point. Apart from just being good manners to thank those who offer assistance, it can be useful for others seeking the same information. They are more inclined to follow the advice if there is an indication that the instructions solved the problem.

I still don't know if JJ ever got his Breakaway 1 sorted out.
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OK, well I can report that the notify option is working OK as I received an email telling me that Milky had replied  :thumbsup:

Perhaps there are other reasons but at least the forum is working OK so there's nothing to be fixed!

Jumpin' Jeff

I didn't know the forums had a notify feature!
Milky, No, I was busy with me DARE event prep until a couple weeks ago. After trying what you recommended, I still couldn't get it to work, and pretty much gave up trying.
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I know we don't get many people asking for help, I also can not understand why no response is forthcoming even if it is just a thank you I don't check out Ots on facebook it wouldn't surprise me if they have asked there first. 
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That's a good point about facebook.
I don't have a FB account, and I don't want one, so I can't see anything there as it is a closed group and not visible to guests.


Like it or not folks it has all moved to Facebook for the most part. The facts are Facebook is a well known platform and you get quicker responses to posts compared to here.  IMO the forum is a better setup especially in keeping track of topics but times have changed. :mellow:


Plus these folks coming by are all part of the new "it's all about ME!" group.  They just get what they need, and move on.  There is no respect, or courtesy in their lives, because they only care about themselves. :(

I can say these types of forums still work, because I belong to others related to cars, and musical instruments.  This one is just suffering from less product users, and the fact that we are winding down as we get closer to version 2.0.

I see other entertainers out there, and they are using other software, and the sad thing is I see them using cracked versions of that software, and they don't care.  So fine let them do that.  I would not want to see them ruining the Ots good name by running cracked versions of Ots.

We don't need their kind here.
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Quote from: clover-leaf-productions on May 08, 2019, 09:23:07 PM
... and the fact that we are winding down as we get closer to version 2.0.

We are?  :):) 

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Quote from: Audioot on May 09, 2019, 12:51:39 PM
We are?  :):) 

Are we winding down?  Probably not.
Are we getting closer to version 2.0?  See my previous answer.


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Quote from: Darryl on May 29, 2019, 10:44:02 AM
Are we winding down?  Probably not.
Are we getting closer to version 2.0?  See my previous answer.


It's apparent OTS is content with the way things are


I Agree Ed even though Ots said in the last sale announcement about future upgrades, I may be wrong but they have said that with previous sales. We will or will not see.
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