Happy New Year

Started by milky, December 31, 2017, 10:59:43 AM

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Every year is tinged with gladness and sadness - some more than others. Personally, I have done some wonderful things for others, and they for me. A high was assisting in an operation which ultimately helped a deaf child to hear, via a cochlear implant. My music training camps have launched many young hopefuls to find their mojo.

There were many other highs, but also some lows - not for me, but for many of the families whom I counselled after losing everything to fire or flood, or who had to simply walk off their land due to drought. It's weird, but what I do is attempt to make others bear the brunt of their destiny easier and, mostly, I enjoy it - not the angst, but providing help. I have also set up a music foundation which had helped many to follow their dreams.

Recently, Karma smacked me in the face. I learnt, for the second time, that I had cancer. Awkward, not desirable, but, as we say in Australia, "****** happens". After the initial "OMG" moment, I took stock of my life. Things changed. It is a little more difficult to swallow, and my beloved red wine is a no no. (bugger). However, I have the love and support of my beautiful kids, and, with a lot of meditation (I don't do chemo) life will proceed until it doesn't.

Sorry for the maudlin. I have been a part of this forum since (about) 2000, and I would love to make it to 2020 (at least). I hope I have helped some, and also empathised with some of you who needed it. We are here because we love good music. I have spent a goodly amount of money on amazing sound systems, and since discovering Ots, it has been an integral part of my music systems ever since. I love it, I promote it at every opportunity, and I recommend that you all do the same.

All this preamle is to wish every one on this forum at least on great opportunity in 2018, AKA Happy New Year.
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Sending positive thoughts to you Milky, as a good friend of mine Mike Peters from The Alarm said, each time he was diagnosed (3 times now) ...

QuoteI didn't see Cancer coming, Cancer sure as hell didn't see Me coming!

Happy New Year!


Good Post as usual from Milky , my thoughts are with you Milky. I know over the years the help you have provided to the people affected by disasters in your country also the invaluable help here on the forum. Good job Proffesser.
Happy new year to all our members.
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Jumpin' Jeff

Sending my thoughts your way as well Milky, as always! May 2018 provide you the opportunity to defeat it once again, so we can keep you around beyond 2020!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Jeff Main

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Milky, always a pleasure to read your recent accomplishments and continued effort to help others.
I hope all turns out well with your second 'bout and my thoughts go out to you and your family.

Jammin' Adam

Belated Happy New Year! May 2018 be a great year, though so far it's off to a very cold start, I have about 19 Inches of snow on the ground and single digit temps around the Lake Erie area.

My thoughts also go out to you Milky, what ever you did for bout #1 I pray will work for you with #2, take care.
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